Fur Feather and Fin website design development
Start - 28th March 2011

NOTE: These are presented as static .jpg exports and will appear fuzzier and less vibrant than final HTML site.
Click on the links below to view the static page designs, (click anywhere on each design page to return to this page)

FINAL Designs

Press Page - hover example
Press Page
Product Group Package
Product Image Zoom
Product page
Department Level 3
Department Level 2
Department Level 1
General Text page
Error page
Home page
Home Sub Menu

Image sizes (pixels)

Thumbnail 94 x 94 (Alternative Images)
Medium (Department level) 180 x 180
Product main and Home main banner 400 x 400
Zoom image 650 x 650

Favicon design: Favicon

Image currently unavailable (use for all sizes)

Image unavailable